Audrey Heart

"A soft, hourglass-shaped body housing a devious, adventurous mind. Down to earth, a little nerdy, but also not afraid to let my freaky side out. Relax in an environment free from judgement, and enjoy the pleasure that we are blessed to hold within our bodies. I'll be your ray of sunshine when your mind is cloudy, your bit of sweetness when you're craving for it."

Duo rates: 800/HR, 1150/90mins, 1400/2HRs

Audrey's incall is located in Capitol Hill. Please specify when booking whether you prefer Audrey or I to host.


Audrey is available 10am-10pm all days except Tuesdays. Prebooking is preferred and recommended, though not required, and same day bookings are sometimes possible.

All genders, races, ethnicities, and body types are welcome!


Odessa Bless

"Hello stranger, my name is Odessa. There's a lot about me that could've initially caught your attention. Was it the coquettish glimmer in my hazel eyes? The mischievous smile dripping from my rosey-pink lips? The lithe yet daring curves cupped by soft silk? The classic artwork and sometimes frosting adorning my body? Perhaps all of it? Either way, I have your attention now and I intend to keep it. A double edged sword in the best way possible... I revel in the soft and sensuous, as well as indulging in more devious planes of desire. Soft and sweet or exactingly strict- it's your choice to make. No matter your preference, I hope to create an open and judgement-free environment for you to comfortably explore your fantasies. I possess a passion for the finer things in life, but am a punk babe at heart. So kick back, and let me enchant you..."

Duo rates: 800/HR, 1200/90mins, 1400/2HRs

Odessa's incall is located in Capitol Hill. Please specify when booking whether you prefer Odessa or I to host.


Odessa is available 10am-12am every day of the week. Prebooking is preferred and recommended, though not required. It never hurts to reach out to inquire!

Male, female, non-binary folks, and couples of all ages, ethnicities, and body types welcome!


Emma Darling

"Hello, I'm Emma- your enchanting witch, creative soul, and loving spirit... a sensitive, sweet female who loves to pamper others with attention and affection! Based in the Pacific Northwest, I stand at 5'2", weigh 135 lbs with beautiful vivid red hair and deep ocean blue eyes. I'm known for my goofy and playful attitude, as well as my relaxed and compassionate nature. I believe we attract the energy we put out, so I try to focus on putting out as much care and love into the world. I love meeting new people and learning everything I can about them- passions, interests, hobbies! I enjoy watching movies, working out at the gym, poledancing, cuddling with my cat Raven, drinking coffee, travelling and exploring new places, as well as exploring historical landmarks and museums. I love what I do and I'm eager to share my world with you!"

Duo rates: 800/HR, 1100/90mins, 1300/2HRs

Emma's incall is located 10 mins south of downtown Seattle. Please specify when booking whether you prefer Emma or I to host.


Emma is available daily 8am-10pm, sometimes as late as 12am on weekends. Prebooking is encouraged but not required.

All body types, races, genders, and ethnicities welcome!

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