I Offer:



All above + CFS (mish, CG/rev CG, doggy)



All above + all other positions + DATY + 69


All above + MSOG

I Do Not Offer:

BBFS, Greek, incest play of any kind, blindfolded play (me), photography/videos, overnighters, or any kind of play that leaves lasting marks such as cuts or bruises.

I Offer Only to Regular Guests:

Roleplay sessions, bondage, BDSM play.

Other Relevant Info:

If you are interested in a menu item and you do not see it listed on this page anywhere, please mention that you have an off menu request in your introductory message and I will give you instructions on how to safely share your fantasy. Please note that if you request items specifically listed under "I Do Not Offer", it is an automatic blacklist. I fully expect those who come see me to have read this menu and to respect it.

Another short note: I do offer BBBJ, but I also respect all boundaries. If you prefer to keep things CBJ, please just let me know! I will always happily accommodate whatever boundaries make you feel safe, so long as you effectively communicate them to me.

Lastly, please remember that YMMV. This menu is a good guideline for 99% of the time, but there are extenuating circumstances in life sometimes. I'm only human, but I will always try my hardest to ensure everyone is safe, healthy, and happy!

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