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I Offer




All above + CFS (mish, CG/rev CG, doggy)


All above + all other positions + DATY + 69


All above + MSOG

I Do Not Offer

BBFS, Greek, incest play of any kind, blindfolded play (me), photography/videos, overnighters, any play that leaves lasting marks such as cuts or bruises, touching of any kind on my neck and throat.

I Offer Only to Regulars

Roleplay sessions, bondage (you only), BDSM play.

Other Relevant Information


If you are interested in a menu item and you do not see it listed on this page anywhere, please mention that you have an off menu request in your introductory message without asking the question, and I will give you instructions on how to safely share your fantasy. Please note that if you request or attempt to engage in items specifically listed under "I Do Not Offer", it is an automatic blacklist and termination of your session without reimbursement for the remaining time. I fully expect those who come see me to have read this menu and to respect it.​


Another short note: I do offer BBBJ, but I also respect all boundaries. If you prefer to keep things CBJ, please just let me know! I will always happily accommodate whatever boundaries make you feel safe, so long as you effectively communicate them to me. This also extends to masks; if you feel more comfortable in facial coverings during our time together, please let me know!


Lastly, please remember that YMMV. This menu is a good guideline for 99% of the time, but there are extenuating circumstances in life sometimes. I'm only human, but I will always try my hardest to ensure everyone is safe, healthy, and happy!

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