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When reaching out to book a session, please include the following info in your introductory message: Your first name and age, your screening information (specifics about how I screen and what I need to do it can be found on the Home page, under the heading "Screening"), the date and time you are interested in meeting, and your desired session duration. Information about payment can be found on my "Rates" page.

My preferred method of contact is SMS; you can reach me at (206) 247 - 8798. I do not accept calls and ask that you not attempt to reach me that way. My secondary method of contact is email, and you can contact me at ProtonMail does offer encrypted messaging when emails are sent from a PM address to another PM address. I do not require that you use ProtonMail, but I do heavily suggest it.

Please note that regardless of method of contact, I will not answer rude, vulgar, or explicit messages. If you have a menu question please tell me without asking the question, and I will direct you to the safest means of communicating it. Before asking, please make sure you check out my menu page to see if your question is answered there! Please note that screening must be completed before we address any menu questions, for your safety and my own.

My Philosophy

Contact Me

Other Important Info


The hobby world is a unique place. Nowhere else on this earth is quite like it, and as such, it can feel a bit unsteady trying to find your place in it. Add to that the fact that every provider offers a different type of experience, doing things in their own individual way, and it can be extremely daunting to navigate as a hobbyist. I want to take a moment to address my philosophy in providing, and what type of experience I strive to offer, to help give you an idea of what our time together could be like.

Hobbying and dating are totally unique and different experiences. Most active participants acknowledge this, and given the opportunity, few would change it. However, that doesn't mean that hobbying can't still be a chance to give you that warm, fluttery, "I'm-on-top-of-the-world" feeling. If you've done more than 20 seconds of research, I'm sure you have come across the term "GFE", or "girlfriend experience". This term is widely known and, in my opinion, highly overused, but it's also often under-explained. To me, the girlfriend experience means offering more than just my body. It means that in addition to physically, I also want to get close to you mentally, and emotionally. I want us to care about each other, and to like being around each other.​ As far as I'm concerned, from the moment you walk in my door til the moment we kiss goodbye and you're on your way, I am your girlfriend. It is for this reason that I must insist on seeing only those hobbyists who I feel I have a genuine connection with. I want us to be building something together, something bigger and better than a standard transaction. I want us to grow together, to learn from each other, and to make each other better.


If this philosophy is something you find agreeable and attractive, please do reach out! I can't wait to get to know each other!

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