When reaching out to book a session, please include the following info in your introductory message: Your first name and age, contact info and an ad/website link for at least one verifiable reference, the date and time you are interested in meeting, and your desired session duration. Information about donations can be found by accessing the "Donations" page via the links at the top of the screen.

My preferred method of contact is SMS; you can reach me at (206) 247 - 8798. I do not accept calls and ask that you not attempt to reach me that way. My secondary method of contact is email, and you can contact me at BuffyValentine@protonmail.com. ProtonMail does offer encrypted messaging when emails are sent from a PM domain to another PM domain. I do not require that you use ProtonMail, but I do heavily suggest it.

Please note that regardless of method of contact, I will not answer rude, vulgar, or explicit messages. If you have a menu question please tell me so without asking the question, and I will direct you to the safest means of communication so that you can ask it without endangering either of us. Before asking any questions, please make sure you check out my menu page to see if your question is answered there!

Contact Me

Contact Me

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